To All My Relations


After 17 years and over 10,000 hours of moderating meetings, I have decided it is time to leave the horse, the zebra and the unicorn on a high note.  I have loved my work and the people I have met.  To love what you do, in the words of my grandfather, allows you to “never work a day in your life”.  The million plus miles of air travel, and countless nights spent alone in a hotel room are the things that I will not miss.

I have accepted a position with the State of California MediCal program, as a medical consultant for audits and investigations.  Although one can debate a number of approaches to the problems facing our health care system, I have found that there is near universal agreement that attacking fraud, waste and abuse is a strategy that always brings about a good return on investment.  With explosive growth in Medicaid, I am proud to play whatever small role I can in ensuring that taxpayer dollars are effectively used to serve public health.  If my experiences in managed care, medicine, and life serve me well in this new role, I will be truly blessed yet again with the joy of doing important work well.

My thanks to all my clients, agencies, speakers, advisors, meeting planners, audiovisual techs, and writers, as well as the audiences that simply listened, asked questions or read proceedings and monographs.  I pray that I used the gifts I have been given to bring value to each of you.  I wish everyone  a safe journey on life’s road, and may God bless you all.


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